Welcome to Capital Pest Management

Welcome to Capital Pest Management

Welcome to Capital Pest Management

Welcome to Capital Pest Management


We take the opportunity of introducing our self as a well-managed professional hardworking team Managed in the field of pest control services from the last 10 years. Capital Pest Management, offers fully on comprehensive pest control services


Our Pest control company is proudly serving the community for years. We are committed to providing the residents with premium quality pest control protection to safeguard their properties from termites and pests. That is why we are known as the best pest control company in Lahore and across Pakistan. We have the best anti termite treatment in Pakistan that can keep your place clean for an extended time. Our pest control services in Lahore, have helped thousands of people to clean their properties from hazardous termite attacks.

We cater to domestic as well as commercial clients. You can have a one-off pest control treatment or a regular survey from our technicians to keep the pest infestation at bay. We know that termites and pest infestation can be an emotionally tiring experience for you as it causes immense problem and stress because of the damage it causes. These invaders can destroy your property, structure, storage and hence you can’t rely on unprofessional or unskilled workers. You must look for the best pest control company in Lahore, Pakistan to treat your home or commercial place under the supervision of skilled and experienced workers.



  • Free physical survey by our professional staff
  • Free professional consultancy advice by our expert
  • Providing the right application procedure to a certain target pest
  • Providing the utmost services through customer satisfaction

Due to change in weather there are favorable conditions for different insect pests particularly Mosquito (Dengue & Malaria) to establish its population. After rainfall, the stagnant water resources provide them breeding sites, so it is necessary to control them initially and make the environment unfavorable by applying safe and environment friendly insecticides.


All the pest management activities will be carried out and monitored by the Capital Pest Management staff according to the AHT expert’s advice. One Pest Control Operator (PCO) will perform fumigation and gadgets monitoring on weekly basis. More PCO’s may visit the facility on need basis.


Supervisor’s Visits

Supervisor’s visits will be made on weakly or on need basis.

Expert’s Visits

Monthly visit by Entomologist to assess the changes required. If need be more visit can be made without any additional cost.

Duration of the Contract

Duration of the contract will be one year and renewable with mutual consent after revision of rates.

Capital Pest Management


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