Welcome to Capital Pest Management

Welcome to Capital Pest Management

Welcome to Capital Pest Management

Welcome to Capital Pest Management


Capital Pest Management is providing services in Insects Pest Management for industries to develop their system according to standards. We have more than 10 years of experience in pest control services and are leaders in the industry, specializing in protection against common pests, including termites, rodents, birds, and insects. We have developed ECO & Human friendly green options. We also offer the best termite control solutions. Always Active for Termite & Pest Control Systems the CPM can meet the needs of even the most complex environments like the Food Factories, Industrial, Corporate and Government Sector! Let our trained employees free your home, business or other sits / premises from termite & pests while ensuring peace of mind for your family, customers, employees & pets safety & security.` We openly discuss the right pest control & termite solutions for you and your family. After the job is done, we clear up the area. Integrated Pest Management serves as a holistic approach to ensure human & environment safety through utilizing credible WHO recommended products that demonstrate effective results with the less amount of risk. It is essentially the General Pest Management for a kinds of flying & crawling insects commonly found in our urban areas like cockroaches, termite, lizards, mosquitos, rodents, flies, ants, bed-bugs, etc.

Our protection policy not only ensures health and safety by minimal use of pesticides but also emphasizes on effective non-chemical means of managing facility’s all-inclusive interior & exterior treatment. Reducing the use of residential pesticides does not only protect environment Humans, and especially growing children, from coming in contact R harmful toxins; but it also helps people save money in the long run tailor our IPM services to fit every unique client need from safe regulations to reputation protection through following categories

For your Home (Domestic IPM) & For your Business (Commercial IPM)


Our successful urban pest control programs are contingent on developing a comprehensive plan based on the climate change, surrounding conditions and intensity, breed and behavior of a particular pest. Building a plan around the following steps of treatment methodology helps us ensure success every time:

  • Evaluation visit to identify pests accurately
  • Documentation & Reporting to clients
  • Pest termination through application and combination of management tactics
  • Pest prevention through exclusion, habitat alteration and sanitation practices
  • Follow-up to monitor and check the effectiveness of pest control plan.
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